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How We Review


Find Verified Football Tipsters

Find Verified Football Tipster

We search and find top verified football tipsters. Then we visit their websites, analyze what they offer and compare how their offerings match up to other verified football tipsters.

For example, we look at:

  • Membership plans offered
  • Tips history
  • Hidden fees
  • Deceptive marketing language
  • Available support
  • And more

Open our wallets and pay for the tips (in other words: We sign up).

pen our wallets and pay for the tips

When a verified football tips site meets are criteria, we actually take the next step and sign up. Nobody else does this! We then report on the quality of the tips, the ease of using the site and of creating an account, payment options, if there any hidden fees, if there are upsells and more.


Evaluate the Tipster Over Time

Evaluate the Tipster Over Time

With our membership, we actually use the tips we receive to place bets. This allows us to see if that tipster delivers winning football tips, if they are consistent with delivery time, if they offer responsive customer service and more.


Rank the Site

Rank the Site

We base our rankings on a number of factors, first priority is given to win rate but we also factor in tip timeliness, customer service, ease of use and more. We evaluate verified football tips sites for a minimum of three months before issuing a ranking. Most sites in our rankings have been evaluated for at least one year.