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We Are Paying Customers to Each of the Football Tipster Sites Listed Below

– Apr, 2021

best soccer stamp The Internet is filled with football tipsters, each claiming to be the best. To help bettors separate the good tipsters from the bad we have bought tips from over 50 tipsters and listed only the best of the best below.

Our main goal in creating this site was to help other bettors avoid scam services and untrustworthy tipsters. To accomplish this goal we are paying customers at over 50 football tips sites. We’ve carefully analyzed the sites based on ease of use, customer service and, of course, the accuracy of their tips. We have then listed the 10 that we found to be the best below.

Here Are Our 10 Best Verified Tipster Sites Based on Tip Accuracy, Tip Timeliness, Customer Service & More


93%+ Tips Delivered on Time Each Day Response to Queries Within 24 hours hiretpster This verified betting tips site lets you choose between five world-class verified football tipsters. The quality of the tips provided by these experts is really what sets this site apart from all the others that we reviewed. We made crazy profits on the tips we received at this site and we also liked the site’s ease of use, the timely consistency of tip delivery and the highly responsive customer service. We highly recommend this guaranteed football betting tips site. Visit


89%+ Tips Delivered on Time Response to Queries Within 24 hours bestleaguestips This is another verified football tips site that offers access to a team of betting tipsters. In particular the site focuses on increasing subscribers’ profits “with quality hits and a stable win rate.” We found that the verified tipsters at the site are accomplishing this goal. We have enjoyed nice profits over the past year and have also found the tips to always be delivered on time. Customer service was also very responsive whenever we had questions. Visit


90%+ Tips delivered daily and on time Highly responsive proasiantipster If you are looking for profitable Asian football tips, this is the site for you. Run by a former casino chief oddsmaker, offers highly accurate tips with a focus on Asian leagues, including those in China, Japan, the Philippines and more. This trusted football tips site also offers a variety of membership plans to fit your goals and budget and attentive customer service. The site is easy to use and the winning football tips are delivered in a timely fashion. We had great success using tips from this site. Visit


87%+ On time Responsive payforviptips is run by Roger Gold, who started the site after the death of his brother (a football bettor who committed suicide). Gold’s self-stated mission is to stick it to football bookies and he is certainly doing that with his verified football tips. We won over 8 out of every 10 bets with Roger’s tips. Tips were delivered on time. Customer service was excellent. This is another site that we recommend to bettors looking for winning football tips. Visit


86%+ Tips delivered on time Responsive suregoldtips Featuring a team of experts and a comprehensive database of information, is able to quickly analyze matches in much greater detail than someone trying to do it manually could even dream of. When you join this site you get the benefits of all that research without having to spend your own time (and money). Guaranteed football tips are delivered right to your email inbox each day. Visit


88%+ Delivered several hours before matches Highly responsive ahwintips At, a team of experts, along with a cutting edge software program, analyze all the top matches and then deliver Asian Handicap Football Tips you can rely on. If you are looking for profitable Asian football tips this is another site you should strongly consider. At this site, you’ll find everything you need to win over 80% of your bets and manage your money so that it grows better than any other investment would allow it to. We certainly made significant profits using the verified betting tips from this site. Visit


83%+ Delivered at same time each day Response within 24 hours asiantoptips At, subscribers get winning football tips emailed to them every day! This profitable Asian football tips site also provides you with betting strategies and money management principles that will allow you to take your earnings to a whole other level. The site offers a number of different membership plans, including a VIP plan and customized plans. We found this site to have highly trusted football tips and terrific customer service. Visit


84%+ Delivered at same time each day Response within 24 hours ahwinners This verified football tips site has an interesting story behind it, site founder Kirk Weber used to be a syndicated tipster who provided tips to tipster services that are used by numerous sites on the web. Kirk grew tired of this approach and opened his own site so bettors would know exactly who they are getting their tips from. Kirk even went to the trouble of having himself certified so bettors could be more confident of exactly who they are dealing with. We won over 80% of our bets with Kirk’s trusted football tips and we found his site to be very easy to use. Tips were delivered on time. Visit


83%+ Delivered at same time each day 24 hour window for response to questions blackfootballtips This verified betting tips site prides itself on being a personal scouting service for betters – making sure that each bettor has guaranteed football tips they need to place the best possible bets. Experts carefully analyze each match and determine who has the best chance of winning. Then the site notifies you so that you can place a winning bet. We used the sites’ tips over the past year and won a very impressive 83% of our bets. Tips were always on time and customer service was excellent. Visit


80%+ Delivered each day Allow 24 hours for response to question securesoccerbets This site is run by a verified football tipster … a real, live person, who issues his own tips that he also uses to bet on football matches himself. Tips don’t come from other tipsters. Rather the site’s tips come from research with a state-of-the-art software program and a final decision based on the tipster’s gut feeling. The combination of research and gut feeling are rarely wrong – we won 80% of our bets using the site’s verified football tips. This site also charges a reasonable, fair price for its guaranteed football tips. Visit

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rankings and Our Site

Q: Are you really football bettors?

Yes, we all bet regularly on football matches and the reason we created this site was because we were tired of losing money to scam tipsters who deliver poor quality football tips.

Q: How long do you monitor and evaluate a tipster site?

No site is ranked until we have been a member of that site for at least three months. In regards to most of the sites in our top rankings, we have been members of these winning football tips sites for over a full year.

Q: Do tipsters pay to receive a high ranking on your site?

Absolutely not. We do not accept money from any verified football tips site. We created this site to help bettors and not to promote one tipster site over another. We may occasionally use affiliate links to get better deals for our visitors but under no circumstances do we accept money for a ranking.

Q: How do you determine your rankings?

We base our rankings on a number of factors, first priority is given to win rate but we also factor in tip timeliness, customer service, ease of use, additional services or information offered to members, time between signing up and receiving the first tip, consistency of tip delivery, and much, much more.

Q: Why should I trust your site over other review sites?

Because those other review sites were most likely created to promote a certain verified football tipster and to inflate their online ratings. We, on the other hand, are not affiliated with any verified football tipsters. We are only here to help you save money and frustration.

Q: Has anything in your research of verified football tips sites surprised you?

Only the sheer number of sites that are scams. So many sites offer the same tips and poor quality customer service. We are happy to be able to save you time and money by identifying the best of the best.

Q: How confident are you in your rankings?

We are extremely confident. Remember, we do not issue a ranking until we have personally used a site’s verified betting tips for at least three months and often much longer than that. The time we devote to each verified football tipster allows us to see all their pluses and minuses and then make the most informed rating.

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Andi Hedlund

August 22nd, 2017

Andi is the elder statesman of our group. He loves betting on football and has been doing it for over 20 years. In that time, he has come across a wide variety of verified football tipsters and he wants to make sure you don’t waste your money on poor quality tipsters. He wants you to be able to easily find verified football tipsters and receive their winning football tips.